Outdoor Winter Workout Tips

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Outdoor Winter Workout Tips

It's tempting to want to snuggle up inside all winter in yoga pants & a cozy tee, but with a few simple tips on how to venture out there happy, you'll find winter workouts to be invigorating + provide a dose of mood-boosting Vitamin D.

  1. Layer Up: There is really no better material than merino wool for layering in the winter. Not only is merino naturally warm, but also wicks sweat away from your body, preventing post-run chills when you finish and stretch. The Maureen Merino Short Sleeve Tee is a perfect layering piece for the upper body, and the Leslie Merino Crop Leggings are perfect for keeping your legs dry and comfortably toasty without overheating. 
  2. Safety First: High visibility clothes & reflective gear are important all year long!  It's not sexy (unless you can get your hands on Vespertine), but in our neck of the woods you need a blaze orange vest when running because of the hunting activity.  When you're out in the winter, remember two things: keeping your temperature up burns more calories, and the sun sets early (often earlier than you want!). While burning more calories sounds like a good thing, keep a snack with you to keep your energy up. This is especially important if you are hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing. Because it gets dark early, be sure to carry a flashlight! When you adventure out, bring a companion and map if possible, and tell someone where you're going.
  3. Know Your Limits:  Anticipate slowing down & taking your time!  Winter is not the best time to try setting your personal best record. Slick roads and sidewalks, snow piles, and other obstacles you don't find in the summer can quickly lead to injuries.  Set reasonable goals, take your time, be sure-footed, and learn to temper your expectations.
  4. Try a Mid-Day Workout: If your work schedule allows it, there are few things better than a mid-day workout to give yourself a boost in energy. There are so many benefits to this, too! For one, it means you don't have to convince yourself to leave your warm bed in the dark of the early morning to make it to the gym. If you're running outside, it will be the warmest point of the day. Even if you can only get a few minutes of yoga or pilates, when you return to work, your head will be clearer and sharper, allowing you to improve your focus. The Anastasia Merino Long Sleeve Tee is the perfect piece for work and a quick trip to the gym on your lunch break, especially when layered over our Tata Merino Tank. The best thing? Merino is odor resistant!
We wish you a healthy, happy, and productive winter workout season! xo

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