A Lady in Mud Season

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Melanie Isett | 0 Comments

merino wool clothingI recently walked into a local fashion boutique soaking wet & mascara dripping onto cheek from wet snow -- I received a look of empathy & verbal consolation when the manager said to me, "It's hard to be a lady in New England."


It IS hard to be a lady here.  I traded a life of Louboutins, Blahniks and Choos for Hunter and Sorel.  My life is much fuller than it has ever been.   The truth is, when your feet are free to dance, kick, twirl, slosh through the mud, & run...you are relaxed & smiling, & that is hell of a lot sexier than callouses, blisters, & a slight uneasy grin from the pain from a truly killer heel.  I've found you don't need designer labels, handbags and heels to be a lady.

My wardrobe is much smaller these days too.  Could be a result of living a rural life...could be a result of having a toddler.  I don't think there has been a day in 2 years that I haven't worn my Tata tank.  I wear the same things over and over and over...come on, I know you do too, even if you have a closet bursting at the seams.  There are really only a few materials or styles that work in New England (if I could just wear Brunello Cucinelli everyday, I would), so merino is always my go-to & I never go wrong.  But when I have a chance to play up my high fashion side "up here" in one of my Neiman's treasures, I'll scoop it up in a heartbeat.  At a bare minimum, a few well-cut, well-made tees & tunics + designer denim will get you very far.

For a lady's survival, you can't lose that sexy edge or you'll go down a slippery slope of sweats and lose the lusty eye of your man.

Now that I've been fully immersed in this new lifestyle, here are my essential tips on how to be a lady in New England:

1. Hair: Get a blowout. Often.  (Epic fail on my part but I vow to get back with it!)

2. Teeth: Maintain your pearly whites. Top your toothpaste with Supersmile...it really works.

3. Handbags: Get a leather handbag in a medium to deep shade that easily wipes clean.

4. Footwear: Solid colored dark rain boots only. Your face should be the center of attention, not the yellow rain boots or flower power that arrives 10 minutes before you do.

5. Skin: Moisturize. Fiercely.

6. Makeup: Maintain your brows.  Get the Anastasia Brow Kit & you won't need to wear much makeup.

7. Clothes: Merino layering pieces & a great fitting pair of skinny jeans. Jeans need to fit inside the boot without bunching or you'll be a hot mess.

8. Fragrance: The Honest Company Bug Spray.  Moving your arms in a crazed fashion makes you look a little nutty.  That means ditch your fragrance.

9. Outerwear: Coats with shape. Opt for at a minimum 1 puffer & 1 dressy & 1 raincoat.  If the coat looks like a rectangle, you will also be shapeless.  Belted coats help!

10. Personality: Laugh. Always.  You can't take this place too seriously or it will eat you up.  It's gorgeous here, so enjoy what you have.

 Rock on, lovely ladies of New England.

xo Melanie





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