Jessica Goldman: Running San Francisco to NYC

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Jessica Goldman is awesome, inspiring, and......she's a NH girl!  NH girls are tough, you know.  But the thing with Jessica is that she's in a class of her own.

Today, Jessica began her cross country run from San Francisco to NYC to raise money for the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA).  She's off to set a world record, running ~50 miles/day for the next 63 days.  But that's not her only goal -- she wants to raise at least $5.00 per mile, for a total of 3,150 miles.

This will make her only the 2nd woman to cross the USA solo & self supported, & the 21st woman to cross the USA on foot.  All while pushing her gear in a 50 lb jogging stroller to raise funds for the BIAA.  Did I mention self supported?  Allow me to underscore that phrase...that means she doesn't have an RV with assistants following her with medical attention or nutrition.  She's just carrying her own awesomeness across the USA to help others. 

Please help to support Jessica & the BIAA by visiting her fundraising page here:

Good luck to an extraordinary woman!

xo Melanie

(Photo by Melissa Sharples / Goldman Goes for It)

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