Slower Than Molasses but Finally Here...

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Melanie Isett | 0 Comments

Vielet has been my brain-child for some time & making it a reality was a far bigger undertaking than I ever imagined.  It is so much easier to give up and walk away but something kept calling me back to focus and execute (HUSBAND!).   I got distracted a few times (well far more than a few) -- nearly gave it all up and numerous points, but truthfully the reason I did finally complete this mission I started out on so long ago was that I really love merino clothing and I really hated the way it looked from other brands.  I do sincerely apologize for the harsh words but I am a girl who loves fashion -- and by fashion I mean the luxury pieces at fine boutiques and department stores.  I've always watched the trends and remember being the first girl in my high school to wear bell-bottom jeans.  Ya'll laughed at me but in a few months the hallways were full of them.  Later in my professional life as a buyer for a major retailer I plucked nearly nonexistent brands, put them in the spotlight & they have since become the next big thing.  Most of you have never heard of working out in merino wool clothing, and if you have, weeeelllll pat yourself on the back sister, you're a flock leader!  I believe in my heart of hearts, that merino is the real deal and the next big thing to hit the fitness world.  I have a short list of "products" that have "changed my life"...merino activewear is right up in the top spot. 

There is something so cool, so smart about being scooping something up just as its on the cusp of becoming hot.  I hope you join my Vielet flock and feel the merino love too. 

xo Melanie 

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