Made in USA Clothing: "Vote with your dollar"

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Melanie Isett | 0 Comments

Made in USA Clothing by Vielet Luxe Performance Merino Activewear

I've received a lot of requests to express my personal thoughts on the Bangladesh tragedies and promote the "Made in USA" aspect of Vielet.

I have three clear points that I will make on the matter:

1. I will never, ever take advantage of a tragedy

2. People in Bangladesh & developing countries need jobs too (good paying jobs)

3. Its complicated, sort of...

The ugly truth is that Made in USA isn't always a good thing.  There are some naughty folks out there just working people to the bone & trying to add another nickel to their bottom line.  It was an eye-opening experience for me to visit factories and discuss production for the Vielet collection.  In fact, it was so unsettling that I nearly abandoned this company altogether.  Fortunately, I found a woman-owned manufacturer just a stone's throw from my childhood home in Pennsylvania that reflected my values both personally and professionally.  Most companies aren't willing to go to this extent to find a manufacturing partner.

Things are complicated, but at the same time...quite simple.  My husband once told me, "Vote with your dollar."  This quote has fundamentally changed the way I purchase everything -- from groceries to flowers to diapers.  When you purchase something "on the cheap," it may provide a temporary endorphin rush, but has a lasting effect on the whole supply chain.  Essentially, you've voted that you like and want the low price and all of the associations (positive and negative) that come with it.  As a consumer, it is critical to ask questions, and know what exactly you are supporting.  You see more organic food in conventional grocery stores today because consumers have "voted" for it by handing over their hard-earned money in the checkout line.  If you purchase from small business vs. Amazon, you are voting to support jobs in your home town. 

The bottom line is that if we make a conscientious decision every time we open our wallet, then your voice has been heard and your vote counted!!

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