How to Remove Sunscreen

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Clarisonic Mia Review and Shikai Borage Therapy Cleanser - How to Remove Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be a sticky, pasty mess.  It can clog your pores, lead to acne breakouts and make your skin look dull from product build-up.  The sunscreen residue often stays with you even after a shower.  As an avid runner, cyclist, gardener, and lover of the outdoors, sunscreen is mandatory to protect my porcelain, Nicole Kidman-like complexion.  It's also needed all 4 seasons of the year, whether I'm out skiing or turning the crank on my bicycle in the summer.  Removing sunscreen properly is nearly as important as remembering to apply it.

During summertime, my Clarisonic skincare brush gets a serious workout. Under my bicycle helmet or baseball cap, its really easy to break out along the hairline where sweat and bacteria gets trapped.  Combine those factors with a pound of sunscreen on my face, and its easy for skin to look dull, uneven, and speckled with zits.  But the Clarisonic effortlessly removes thick sunscreen, sweat & grime from a workout.  Until I bought my Clarisonic, I struggled with skin problems because of my active lifestyle. 

My Clarisonic Mia combined with a dab of Shikai Borage Cleanser is all I need to remove sunscreen from my face.  My skin is clear, healthy and looks vibrant and young.  You can even get your Clarisonic Mia in 7 different colors at Sephora, which will make the process of using your beautifying tool fun & fabulous vs. a bore & a chore.  There's also a Clarisonic for your body too, although my little Mia seems to do the trick when I have some sunscreen to remove from my decolletage. The cleanser is a fantastic fit with the Clarisonic -- its soap free & non-foaming, plus the ingredient list is chock full of naturally beneficial ingredients and omega-3's from borage.

Clarisonic has made a miraculous difference in my skin and it's a totally priceless purchase!  Go for it already!

xo Melanie

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