turn a SET BACK into a COME BACK

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Melanie Isett | 0 Comments

We all have those days...visions of ice cream and cookies dancing in our heads.  They are DANCING, right?  They're basically just showing you that hey, if you want me...you have to groove it up for me.  It's ok to indulge on occasion and celebrate life.  Perhaps I'm simply justifying a week long of celebrating my birthday.  When I do go with sweets, I make sure that everything is at the very least 100% natural, containing mostly if not all organic ingredients.  I can taste high fructose corn syrup a mile away.  The "You're body doesn't know the difference" quote is FALSE!  That junk is ultra refined and processed, and it spikes your blood sugar.  It just doesn't taste right.  I feel that way about my clothes too which is why Vielet is 100% natural, because synthetic fabrics just don't feel right either! 

So go for it, eat your treat to celebrate your accomplishments like a fantastic workout or achieving a milestone in your fitness, yoga, running, cycling, or hiking.  A cookie here and there is quite alright.  Then get back to it again, and turn a temporary, fun SET BACK into a life long COME BACK!

xo Melanie

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