Melanie's Story

womens merino clothing

After opening doors for today's hottest brands and receiving job offers from up & coming companies, I left my job as a Buyer & chose to relocate to New Hampshire to reconnect with a simple lifestyle and define my own path.

I quickly needed a wardrobe update in my new home.  Styling for an active life in New England meant having an enormous closet.  I was also traveling and needed to refine my collection into a few essential, stylish pieces that would go with me from California, to Florida and back to New England through all seasons of the year.

The solution was not only versatile styling, but also styles made with the right material.  Living in the hometown for many Olympic & elite athletes, I learned of their passion for merino wool “real” clothing for both athletic pursuits and everyday wear. I discovered that unlike synthetic clothing from which most everything is made, merino is comfortable, breathable, easy care, environmentally sustainable and incredibly luxurious.  I discovered a new, lightweight merino that is perfect for any climate, temperature, season, dinner date or active adventure.


Vielet is the first collection of its kind.  Whether you are a traveler, yogi, workout enthusiast, or just want to be comfortable -- Vielet merino is the most essential clothing you'll ever own, but don't already have.

~Melanie Isett, Founder & Creator